Light is necessary to our mental and physical well-being.
In work setting researchers have found that the brighter the room, the better the performance; instead if we are working under bright lights we feel more boredom.
Even the exposure to colors can change our physiology, mood and emotions; for example, red light is stimulating. There is an increase in heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.
On the other hand, exposure to pure blue light has the opposite effect: lowering of the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Moreover, colors have important psychological effects; humans tend to have specifical associations with certain colors…

Author: Unspecified
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Title: Color symbolism and psychology

Author: Jeanette Joy Fisher
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Title: Using Color Psychology to Sell Your Home 

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Title: Color and food matters

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Title: Can pink make strong men weak?

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Title: Pharmaceutical Color 

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Title: How Color Affects Taste and Smell

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Title: Color associations PDF

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Title: Color Psychology and Marketing

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Title: The Psychology of colors

Author: Tom O’Leary
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Title: The Psychology of Color in Messages

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