David Givens’s Nonverbal Dictionary
This site is like a linguistic dictionary, but it’s entries are not words, but body sign and signals. It is a very painstaking work: every gesture or act is carefully described and psychologically and neurologically explained; moreover, the author supplies few bibiographical referecens about it. This site is continuosly updated. It is created and mantained by David B. Givens, one of a greater experts on this topic and Director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies Give a look to the page on “Nonverbal Communication”, where you can find a through definition about what it means and some links to a selected group of sites on the same subject.

Jaume Masip’s Nonverbal Behavior-Nonverbal Communication Links
A really good and comprehensive site on this topic; it has been set up, mantained and updated by Jaume Masip, researcher at the department of psychology and anthropology of the Salamanca Univerisity, Spain. This site is a collection of a really large and good number of links to similar pages avaliable on the Web, a list of the main researchers on this subject and, overall, it contains pages with hundreds of abstracts and papers on body language.

Bella De Paulo´s Deception publications
Another good site on nonverbal communication, it is maintained by Bella De Paulo, a well known researcher on this topic.

Marvin A. Hecht´s Nonverbal Communication Research Page
Excellent page of links to reasearchers’s professional profiles, web sites and to some articles on nonverbal behavior; it is mantained by Marvin A. Hecht, a famous precursor in studying on this subject.

Page of links to  Emotional Facial expression Documents …
Web Page with a lot of links to web pages, on line articles and scholars who deal with facial expressions and related topics. This page is mantained and updated by Joseph C. Hager, Ph.D., eminent scholar on emotional facial expressions, who had elaborated new computer programs to facial analysis. Visit even his site Data Face, a very in-depth, clear and complete “encyclopaedia” on the human face, which considers aspects like appearance, psysiognomy and emotional expression.

The Interpersonal Web
This site illustrates in a good way different dimensions of the interpersonal relationship. It has been carried out and is managed by Terrence A. Doyle, Ph.D. The section devoted to nonverbal communication is interesting and rich in info; it is divided on: “Types of Nonverbal Physical Behavior” , “Spatial Communication” and Nonverbal Research and Resources.

Institute for Urban Ethology
Official web site of the Institute for Urban Ethology of Wien. In these pages are illustrated recent and peculiar experiments on dating, nonverbal behavior and pheromones carry out by Karl Grammer, director, and his team. They are in the forefront of scientif research in these fields and use innovative computer programs to examine body movements made by couple and individuals in diffent situations and contexts. You can find there even few abstracts, reviews on articles and a few papers and book capters in PDF and in other formats.

Body Language: the language everybody speaks
God web site devoted to nonverbal behavior. It is divided in “capters” and every page deals with a specific topic. Here you can try your ability ot decode body language with a test published on this page.

Web site that collects numerous pages and links on human resources. It has a good section with articles and links on “Body language” and, in general, on interpersonal interactions and skills.

Social Cognition Paper Archive and Information Center
One of the greatest and largest sites on social Psychology, “thought up” and “tuned” by Eliot R. Smith, Ph.D., professor at the Purdue University. His site has an impressive number of links to other sites on the same and topic, a list of people that are working in this field,and, over all, owns a very wide library of abstracts on interpersonal perception and interaction.

Beauty Check
A very good all-round web site on what we find beauty. It has been created and mantained by a group of german scolars. Here you can read a summary of their researches or their Thesis; unfortunately it is only in german.

Self Help Zone – A Place for Self Improvement and Personal Growth
A complete source of information on self help, self improvement and personal growth. It has over 500 articles on personal development, covering topics such as self confidence, goal setting, motivation, success and finding your purpose in life.It contains even many articles on Communication-Skills, Public Speaking and on love & Relationship.

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