Facial Expressions Collection of Abstracts
A very impressive collection of abstracts on facial expressions (204 documents) and related
topics. From Psychinfo Database.

Current Research in Social Psychology
It is an electronic journal entirely avalilable on line about interpersonal relationship
and social perception; at this address,you can find both abstract and full text article.
free access to recent issues and prior issues.

James Mc Croskey’s Periodicals
An impressive collection with almost 200 full text articles of James Mc Croskey
and other social psychologist whose topics range over nonverbal behavior, social
cognition, persuasion, stereotyopes and other interpesonal phenomenons.

Human nonverbal Communication and related Articles
It is a good collection of articles and abstracts on nonverbal signs and signals, especially on gestures and pheromones.

International Society for Self and Identity Abstracts of unpublished Papers
A really good and large collection of abstracts and unpublished articles on self-identity,
self-cognition and their effetc on interpersonal behavior. One can find even authors’s e-mail
to request them their full-text article.

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maggio 10th, 2019

Psicosomatica: lo stretching é un vero antidoto contro lo stress

aprile 20th, 2019

Psicosomatica: lo sport rigenera il cervello: scoperto come

maggio 17th, 2017

La “formula del sospetto”: il linguaggio del corpo fa capire di chi ti puoi fidare

aprile 17th, 2024

Non-verbal hypnosis brochure

aprile 17th, 2024

Non-Verbal Hypnosis Marrakech-Amman 2024

gennaio 28th, 2023

corso ipnosi non verbale

dicembre 8th, 2022

L’ipnosi istantanea

dicembre 4th, 2022

L’i’pnosi, un rimedio per l’insonnia

dicembre 3rd, 2022

Master in ipnosi non verbale 2023

novembre 28th, 2022

L’ipnosi migliora la memoria?

giugno 18th, 2021

Corso di Linguaggio del Corpo

marzo 8th, 2021

Protetto: 1 lezione corso ipnosi non verbale – introduzione all’ipnosi

marzo 8th, 2021

Protetto: 2 lezione corso ipnosi non verbale – il legame arcaico

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