The sending and receipt of non-verbal messages are expressed and perceived in a subliminal way; some behavior are so little, like eyebrow flash or tongue-showing, that we made them without awareness.
Sometimes, nonverbal movements are coarse and showy, line changing of posture, crossing arms o legs, but even we should see them, we usually don’t remark them or don’t think they have a meaning; in this situations, they are not imperceptible, but they are virtually subliminal.
In classical scientific researches or in advertising subliminal visual stimuli are words or pictures that are presented so as to be unidentifiable to the viewer’s conscious perception.
For example, images may be flashed before the eye too quickly for the conscious mind to apprehend. Such stimuli can nevertheless exert an effect on judgment and behavior.
In recent years, scientists begun to use as subliminal stimuli facial expressions shown for a brief moment and functional magnetic resonance imaging to see how the brain reacts; in this way, they found out that the amygdala, a primitive structure of the cetral nervous system, is a key structure involved in the rapid and unconscious processing of facial emotions.
Other researchers observed that amygdala process even other kind of nonverbal behaviors.
In conclusion, we can state that amygdala process nonverbal messages without our awareness.
Below you will find a few articles on this astonishing topic.

Author: Timothy E. Moore
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Title: Subliminal influence

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Title: Unconscious Affective Reactions to Masked Happy Versus Angry Faces Influence Consumption Behavior and Judgments of Value PDF

Author: Randy Dotinga
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Title: Subliminal Smiles Can Sway You

Authors: Mathis D,  Mozer M
Source: Web Page – Abstract (one can donwload the full text article)
Title: Conscious and unconscious perception: A computational theory

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Authors: Eyal Reingold and others
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Title: Unconscious Activation of the Cognitive Control System in the Human Prefrontal Cortex PDF

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Title: Unconscious Processing: Subliminal Perception, Neuropsychology, and the I-Function

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Title: Scientific Consensus and Expert Testimony: Lessons from the Judas Priest Trial

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Souce: Different Review and Web Documents
Title: Sean Draine & Tony Greenwald’s Abstracts on Subliminal Perception

.  Author: Stark Todd
Source: Web Article
Title: Is Subliminal Influence Used in Advertising?

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Title: Conscious and unconscious emotional learning in the human amygdala

.  Author: Stark Todd
Source: Web Article
Title: How and Why Does Subliminal Influence Work?

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Source: Web Article
Title: Is Subliminal Influence a Threat?

.  Author: Stark Todd
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Title: Do Subliminal Audio Tapes Work?

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Review: Different Journals
Title: P. Merikle’s Articles and Papers

.  Author: Nick Epley
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Title: Science or Science Fiction?:Investigating the Possibility (and Plausibility) of Subliminal Perpception

.  Author: Adam Chen
Source: undefined
Title: Expert discusses the effects of subliminal advertising

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