Body language is a broad term for forms of communication using movements or gestures, vocalizations, postures, touching and other kind of body communication.
Most of nonverbal behavior is unconscious
According to experts, our non-verbal language communicates about 50% of what we really mean (voice tonality contributes 38%) while words themselves contribute a mere 7%.
Our body language give others an impression of ourselves or show our emotions…

Author: Linda Scotti
Source: Web Page
Title: Comunicazione come relazione – In Italian – 

Author: Linda Scotti
Source: Web Page
Title: Il Cerchio come comunicazione – In Italian –

Author: Paola Celestin
Source: Web Page
Title: Comunicare con il corpo: diverse prospettive nelle diverse culture

Author: J.T. Masterson, III
Source:  Web Page – Thesis
Title: Nonverbal Communication in text based Virtual realities 

Author: unknown
Source: Web Page – related articles
Title: Miscellaneous Research Abstracts

Author: Mu Zhiling, Li Guanhui
Source: Web Page
Title: Chinese nonverbal communication

Authors: unspecified
Review/Source: Web Page, Wikipedia
Title: Nonverbal Communication – 

Author: Jaume Masip
Source: Web Page
Title: Nonverbal Bibliography

Author: Unspecified
Source: Web Page
Title: Exploring Nonverbal Communication

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