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. This is a Virtual Library on Nonverbal Behavior and related topics in which papers and abstracts available on the Web are collected.
. Here, one can find even abstracts on Body Language from “Nature”,”Journal of Personality and Social Psychology”, “Journal of Nonverbal Behavior”, “Social Behavior and Personality” and “The Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality”; This has been possible thanks to Copyright Services of these Reviews that gave us the permission to reproduce and posting their abstracts on our Site.

. Every Suggestion of documents or comment will be warmly welcomed.

. If you get to know about some article or abstract on the following topics,not contained in the list in the left side of this page, please report it to me (Marco Pacori), sending an e-mail to this address: or filling the Form you will find at the bottom of this page; thanks!

Nonverbal Categories

General Info
– Proxemic
– Kinesic
– Paralanguage
– Touch – Skin signals
– Color, light
– Odors, pheromones

Canons of Beauty


Non Verbal Applications


Interpesonal Relationships

Subliminal Messages

Other Libraries on NVC

Nonverbal Communication Link

Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

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